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New Patients

I have known Dr. Kuwabara well for over the past 10 years in my medical practice. I believe he is among the best chiropractors in Orange County. He is thorough, caring, ethical and very skilled. My patients have all reported complete satisfaction in his care. Many of my fellow physicians refer their patients to him if chiropractic treatment is necessary. I highly recommend him for most musculoskeletal issues you may be experiencing, and feel you will be helped immensely.

- Stan Aufdemberg, MD

If you are a new patient interested in booking an appointment

please contact our office with any questions. 

Once you book an appointment:

  • Plan about 45 minutes to one hour for your initial visit.
  • If you have any current X-Rays, MRI reports, or pertinent medical records please bring them in.

  • Dress appropriate for the area of injury (i.e. wear comfortable clothes).
  • Please bring in your insurance card

Attached below is a copy of the paperwork needed for your first visit, please download the documents, fill them out and bring them in on your initial visit.

 Insurance Coverage:

Chiropractic is a covered benefit of most commercial group insurance and workers compensation plans.

We are listed "preferred providers" of most commercial PPO, many HMO and Medicare insurance plans

For patients who have no coverage there is still a way with a flexible payment program for you to receive the care you need. Many patients pay directly for care, as they discover chiropractic to be extremely cost-effective and affordable.

Please contact our office for verification and any questions you may have. 

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